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1st Equality Unity (Artists and Not-Artists)

Since VIMOSA opening in 11.Jan. 2020, Failsave is the 1st ever Artist-Unity for privileged and unprivileged as absolute equal.

Since June 2021 also not-artists, here called "Member", in need of help will be part., yet it will still be about art with shared-room-profiles (its so great, read green box below).

Read more about the goals of FAILSAVE in the NEWS & INFOS section (klick) Or read below.

And watch the Video about the first introduced Artist "Z" on the left.


Are there forgotten animation-movie-programmer-talents out there? I have a dream that could become our dream. 

If you need help creating

an artist-logo let me know

All about Art - Apply




Failsave - First introduced Artist
     (A homeless: the base for FS)


The New Failsave-Member-Concept.


I simply saw Samiyas cry for help on the internet, started to help and all i can do is art - i created naturally more and more. Failsave Members (not or not yet Artists) will by that have shared Profiles, like shared rooms in VIMOSA, for others to add art as well. This means, every person out there can add Member-machting Art (in this first case "Samiya-Art"), Art of any style to be used for the Members Profiles (send links to where you uploaded photos/videos, or send download-links) to create more exposure for the member-fundraiser, and create ongoing support and hope. If a FS-Member, a person in need of help, sees more art being added, it means: integration, people caring, it means its wonderful.

And if you sell that Member-Art, you could donate the money or % of it to (give a note "For Failsave" - Any donations received will always be used to ensure survival of all Artists and Members by priority (means: if the member is save, maybe another isnt). The concept is incredible, this way its truly not about one person, but always about all - equality.

Art Example: I have just started the Series "Puzzle Of Peace" with the first piece "Hand of Samiya". So you could create another Puzzle-piece for her or someone introduced in the future. 

Artists will be invited or can apply.

Members cant apply, only be invited (it'd be too much, sorry).

I will have no rights over the artists art ever. 

Failsave is building on trust.

Applying is simple: send me links to your art to and write a few sentences, not much, just something that you think is worthy (examples below^^)

In case you will be selected, you will be part

of the VIMOSA growing progress - My growing "fame" will be your growing "fame" ("fame" e.g = Integration). In case you already have "fame", you will be important part of the vimosa unity-/equalness-progress.

Thanks to everyone supporting equality.

      Application Examples:



          Admit it, you love it :)

You all know that i am a former homeless right?

So if a famous artist would participate here, it would mean: the highest class and the lowest class together = equality now shooting through the vains of humanity like a vaccine, or like a Worldy!

Upper-Class special Cases:

There could be someone living in upper class unhappy, dreaming of returning to the real world, to be just as you are, no hiding, no false perfection, just human. For example going outside looking like a beautiful piece of shit and still feeling so much confidence, just peace by freedom from lies, just pure existence - maybe wear a Failsave Shirt, makes you automatically super hot. With a Failsave shirt, that i send to everyone for free of course, you will look like a supermodel despite the flys around your head, after you didnt shower for 3 weeks and lived in the dumpster your home transformed into because you felt finally free to let go and turn into the ultimate loser you always dreamed of to be, now totally enjoying it, with the brightest smile on your face ever - Imagine it  - no more shame, because you wear the FS Shirt OR A WORLDY SHIRT?

Basically you can be like Emma Chamberlain, which so far only she can be, which is why she has so many follower, because she is just human. If she is not meant for this unity then i dont know who is, we lead the same lifestyle, just laying in bed every day and suddenly BAM: Supermodel :) And her art is human too. She is not the greatest talent in the world but our art will all be equally important, meaningful just by being exhibited here in this place of good change.


And i know some famous artists out there are forced to keep an image and cant publish some other art they create. In Failsave is no judgement possible (Except oft things i could maybe be a judge but i dont expect this to happen). Then I want to see someone ending a contract with an artists because of different from the image-art published in THE FIRST UNITY FOR TRUE EQUALITY? They would literally set a statement against equality and freedom.

You see, you are safe here! Joining = You set a statement for humanity to grow together, to be all one and share things and not leave one behind, which is my part, you dont have to do anything if you dont want to, but you can involve yourself. That we will see in the future. Here at this point it's of course a vision.

And what about those who have a bad image by some media sabotage?

Case 1 : Jim Carrey

He doesnt have a bad image, but there was a time i

cried for him seeing what the media did, through which suddenly the greatest Comedian of all times was dropped by so many people stonecold. Imagine he was loved by absolutely every human in the world, for good reasons! Imagine how that must have felt for him to be dropped, that of course made this whole normal human awakening intense as HELL!

While he didnt do a damn thing wrong, he just thought about differet things and said super interesting wise things one can only listen to. But hardly anyone listened, too busy judging, that's when he started to shout out things randomly and learned to survive his way!

i suffered so bad with him seeing the world losing respect for him and calling him crazy! 

And i seriously wished to be famous, because i really could have protected him, from abuse of Psychology with "Eggy Movement", and also I even invented a genre, to make transitioning into more aware states discrimination-safe (for both sides, artists and audience) Visit the Comedy room.

Final words:
I dont aim for the famous people as my priority. This is just the simply idea of me homeless + them superfamous = it was never clashed :)


I actually aim for anything that helps me to protect unprivileged good souls out there like Zafer (video below), wonderful lower-society-class talents without support - People like me!


Failsave shell prevent that what happened to him - And famous guys being part would help a lot.  And if a star, maybe someone with a destroyed-by-accusations-without-prove-image would apply, if ever, it would still be a key for me to a world of saving countless of lives over my lifetime... And i chose that!

Failsave Members and Artists get support as long as i live, also then from VIMOSA donations (once there are ongoing donations to make this possible).

We can also do fundraisers, as in Samiyas Case - She is the first Failsave Member of...

Peace :)