Sharpening language

 >> All we are as society, is a matter of definition. If the fundament of definitions is blury, unclear, then you have a humanity like we see <<

Sharpening language = using information as intended for us = safe = end of discrimination. Potentially end of most problems.

Some basics

1. Have you ever heard of someone caring about things not alive being discriminated? 

If a person writing an article discriminates things (examples follow), this person can and will do the same when writing about humans.

In the worst case, someone informing not seeing in "things" more than lifeless meaningless things, that person doesn't care about things, doesnt care about choice of words and simply throws them around to: be busy, to make money, anything.

Someone writing to inform has to care about every single word and every meaning of every word, every connection, every relation, because words, information, are the most powerful thing to work with! And power that great needs to be handled well not to cause damage.    

2. Humanity needs to INFORM without any judgement,

to leave judgement entirely up to the receiver of the information.

As i did up there "Then you have a humanity like we see" - What do you see?

3. Only facts shell be informed. But what are facts?


4. If informing safe is alot of effort, do we simply resign, just to save time? We cant save time by continuing to inform on the bases of discrimination and speculation that is raising confusion, fear, anger, sadness, hate. That's how we already lost alot of time and we dont have much time left. All we have is a little time-window to fix the fundament, when we will gain time for the first time.

5. Separating between "Unprofessional" and "Professional"

A free writing/informing person only has to try its best to follow everything that can be absorbed from my education.


Professional Football player work themselves up into the best teams of the world, with abilities: endurance, speed, technique and also team-spirit, which is very important. If they cant play in a team, they can have the best physical abilities, still wont make it pro. They are being payed for playing for the team and trying to win with the team, shooting the ball into the opponents goal. They are actually professional, they are there where they are for a good reason!

Imagine how insane it would be if one s-o-b would sabotage constantly playing against the own team, shooting on the own goal, and nobody would stop it!? The fans would stop it at some point running on the field in throusands, to fuck him and everyone not stopping it up. 


I can be THE PRO in informationing, but i dont have to be, i am not payed for. I am just a little people guy, dont forget that!

So i do make informational mistakes as well because call me "lazy"... The truth is, i am isolated and so i can afford being "lazy" to perfectly serve and protect that species that couldn't care less about me and hurts me in so many ways literally my whole life.

It's like i am opening with all my energy this door to a new safer world, and people stab me in the back because i am standing in their way toward extinction. 


If i dont write perfection after my own standards i still think of all the words, connections, relations and resonsibilities. I wish i could write it down by thinking about it, because the best theories and definitions i work out behind closed eyes. All the examples below about HD-Language,  i have written in my mind way better, because the process is so fast in all sorts of directions, important sideprocessing allowing to keep the focus in a kind of connecting experience while traveling complete off-topic-distractor-relations, which are processed and available to work with without ever being in the forground, its simply just there because it needs to be to understand... to understand you have to think of everything, to the limits.

If i continue being "lazy" on paper, that's alright, i dont exist for humanity anyways and i dont want to create another systematic "perfection". Because what a new fundament needs is that soul-factor.. So if my sharpening language and IMP ever goes viral rather study me instead of all i provide.  Because else: once i die it could be turned into a perfected system,  to study. It would still be helpful for humanity intensely, but we should evolve to souls, that's what i am trying to say.


the newly, our concious times worthy defined genre Dramedy

partly waives entirely of hiding truth and thereby of manipulation which fun always creates. Until now there was no room for concious people, especially Comedians, to combine theire real understanding with theire, in the past unconciously chosen way of life, or collectivly forced chosen way of life, like comedy, which often was the only way to be different, to be true, but never really, because it would have been inappropriate and caused exclusion. Constant fun or Drama/Comedy-Collaborations of the past still needed to fullfil a certain level of "ballance" = "overall ass kissing". Art labeled with the newly definded genre lets people know what to expect in the first place (No disrespect!), prohebiting anger or confusion, as also exclusion and making it possible to be concious and human for example for the greates Comedian of all universes who was forced by society pressure to give up on what he was born for, just because of the missing genre! 

                                         - for Jim Carrey -

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Bro: "Which door? That architect was totally on drugs!"

Architect: "I wasnt on drugs you cretain! My house is pure enlightement, its made to stimulate braincells to develope a will to to live instead suiciding!"

Bro: "So there is no window?"

Arch: "There is no window, exactly".

Bro: "I prefer glass to look through."

Arch: "Jesus, how about you look up and stare a while through the biggest door of the house".

Bro: "Okay this one is nice, nice to cause neckpain! And why is this not a window? It has glass."

Arch: "Omg! There are doors you can look through, welcome to the 19th century!"

Bro: "So you can open that roof and walk through?"

Arch: "Door!"

Bro: "So you can opened that "door!" and walk through?"

Arch: "No!"

Bro: "I dont get your house."

Arch: "My house is a door! What's not to get? Everything is a door! If youre on the ocean, you can call parts of the water, sea, stream, wave, but it stays the ocean!"

Bro: "So this floor and this wall and this ugly carpet, all doors, right?"

Arch: "WRONG! But Its all together one door, yes." 

Bro: "So where is this door leading?"

Arch: "Into a new world.".

Bro: "Can everyone go through?"

Arch: "Sure, my door is always open."

Bro: "And what if they dont arrive in a new world? Isnt this a scam?".

Arch: "Nothing that is for free is a scam! It's an experience. Trust me, people gonna love it. One can think forever about "door" in here, it's the ultimate Philosophs dream. And i am sure that will bring many people into a new world. Its better than  whatever else people do these days, it's all pointless and meaningless or made for fame and profit."

                                         Sharpening language

Example 1 - DOOR

You're in panic, fleeing towards a door, carrying nothing but the intention to survive! Luckily the door is slidely opened, you already imagine yourself pushing through the frame, yet suddenly realizing the danger, your movement-speed, the impact, the consequences, when it's already too late: your hands impact and explosivlely transfer energy speeding up the door - while time is suddenly slowing down! Powerless you watch the door....

1. open/opening, 2. spin, 3. move 4. fly, 5. rotate ?


6. centrifuge/centrifuging?  I go with this one, without a doubt. But nobody has ever used this. Everyone uses any other option, mostly 1. "open/opening"


I bet all i own that nobody of you has ever opened a door!

Excluded from this bet are psychopaths who opened a door with a chainsaw or axe or so.

What you opened was not even the lock (because if, then you unlocked it, not opened it by removing it from the door, removing screws and opening it to look inside), you opened... the wall!

How is "door" even defined?

This is interesting: What is "Door"? Is it the parts?

1. Frame, 2. Frame-"Lid", 3. Hinges, 4. Lock. 

Which of these 4 listed parts make a "door". 

Would you say its "all 4 parts", or would you say it could be also just 1+2? Or maybe even just Nb 1. "Frame", like "an open door", permanently open. Or if the Frame-lid is leaning at a wall, wouldnt you still say to your friend helping you to move in: "Bro, can you please throw that door outa the window? No need for it."

So i am asking "What is a door?". And futher 



Permanently is a strong word, its permanent, it's like "forever". So is "permanent" defined as "forever"? If so, does the person using the word "permanent" think of the word "forever"? If so, why isnt the person chosing "forever", to clarify that the door will be open forever. And how is forever defined? Until the planet and everything on it vanishes? That would not be "forever". Forever would be forever, as in "infinity". But what is infinity? If you read my paper about the third dimension (universe), then you will learn that humanitys use of information "infinity" is not correct, because infinity is limited which is why i call it "Rinfinity". 

Do you think it's too stressful or difficult to think of absolutely every world and its meaning? 
What if you were given a weapon that requires you to work hard not to kill?

Example 2

A tear is... down your jowl.

1. sliding?

2. running?

3. moving?

4. rolling?

5. falling

6. crying?


How is a tears behavior defined?

A tear cant ever fall unless entirely exposed to gravity. Everything else is not falling, but sliding? But it only looks like a slide, water behaves interesting. Now is the question, what do we want? Do we want seperated society classes, where writers manipulate hearts of consumers with blury pictures, or do we give up a little bit of emotions to grow together with reality? We could chose "gravitates down the mine". Or we could chose to define a new word for collectively-by-gravitation-moving-and-attracting-moleculs-in-unpredictable-yet-optical-constant-friction-with-surface(surface has to be clarified for each definition of the word, since surfaces influence the moleculs behavior)-with-loss-of-volume (water will be left behind on the skin).


Even before the klink collides, you already hear the loud exposive impact crashing a hole into the walls surface. And while time is bended by your phontomfear of what is is near, what will inexorably happen, your vocal chords being caused to vibrate by the collision of air your emotions set free. It's a miracle of nature: you found a way to connect the future into the present, which is already past, causing your voice to transforms into an imitation of the collision ahead! And still, while the time is daring to run recklessly fast, you suddenly try to prevent what is already too late, by closing your mouth trying to prohibt more sound to fully express.

How is the sound youre now making called?

At this point, as a german writer who wants language to exactly describe the situation I want to describe without nessesarily being forced to build up an informational case (a scene), I would need a word to combine the following details: swollowed high-frequenced-fear-scream-sound, into a single word: perscream!

If you were running toward the door without being chased, but to reach the love of your life you dont expect behind the door, suddenly seeing him/her, you will hear perjoys on both sides. You all perscreamed and perjoyed countless times in your lifes. If i want to sharpen the use of language even more, i could add a new sign (not existing on any keyboard at this time), that could have three forms (positions), low, middle, high.

Writing HD reality

Many other aspects of the successfull readers-absorbtion of any scene like forms of "Someone opens a door" or "a tear is sliding down", is depending on the entire architecture of the scene in the first place. But was this ever a clear picture NO I SAY, it wasnt, which leaves the reader subconsciously predicting scenes and creating theire own pictures - which many now would claim as "This is how it's supposed to be", when i say "Okay, then why dont you throw away all the HD-technology we all really love and continue with the everlasting blury pictures.  (FYI: this is me not even trying to begin to sharpen english language, since it's not my mother language, my english sucks, which is why i just play around here, try to give you an idea of what is possible.

One day they might want to translate my german books oO, for example "The Ironwood Clinic", the sharpest writing in history so far, where i still fought every day constantly to create blury :-D so that readers could enjoy and not have to start to study a new set of words or maybe even entire new language, which i would have invented by now if i would have been born in privileged circumstances and not been forced to fight for my life my whole life - when i paradoxly would not be able to absorb reality (because of the lower spectrum of information by missing Suffering-Entitelment-Paradox) making me just another blury-bestseller-manipulator)).

no offense but in all honestly, i suffer intensly of behing forced to watch all the manipluation, all the incredible bad writing by "the stars of the scene", "The great authors", it's a nightmare. As mentioned above: what do we want? I know what i want, i know what i need. I never wanted intense feelings, i never wanted to be the consumer, the guy seeking love... i was made and by that i was made depressed and helpless, these emotions never end unless you turn bitter and die inside. Writers crack you open and leave you for death and society is selling it as "this is right". ITS ENTIRELY WRONG! One day The Ironwood Clinic is translated, you will realise how much is possible and hthat there can be way intense emotions reading, but never leave readers helplessly cracked up, but puts one together stronger! Reality HD writing naturally keeps the ballance by a bit of a challange in the transition-phase from blury to HD, until it creates entire new interest, shifting the enthusiams toward details, realism and the skill to still set emotions free - which then will be emotions of reality you dont even know about yet.


Once you read this, you will fall in love as we all love the ultra-HD-screens. 

I am the only one in humanity who can write ultra-sharp reality. Read "Fundamental Reality" to see how much i am connected to reality, to the mother of everything, nature.


                       Informationing-Mistake-Prevention (IMP) - (poor&cut-version)

What language sharpening is for writers, IMP is for informators, especially those earning money with it !!!

Growth of a tree is failed, when veined wood results. Though fans of the noble wood are happy, because the creative, in oval forms arranged structurepatterns create a very attractive surface.


Through-out botanical-history, human discovered along theire natural observations of certain trees, trunk-growth-abnormalities. While specialized biology-scientist identified the reason - bacterias which causing woodcells to grow unusual rapidly, industrialists started to make use of theireby formed large proliferations, especially of the cross sections which shown abnormal creative stucture-patterns, so called "veined wood". First nature seemed to make a mistake for clueless observers, yet brought financial drive and maybe even happyness to an industry to grow. During modern civilisation, the industries managed to spread theire happyness and raised superficialness and fanatism among consumers with marketing-sales-strategies, while luckily being supported by the documentations in word and picture of interested, fans and/or information-publication-employeed. Though it was never documented by humanity if the industries founders may-existed-enthusiasm for the infection-grown-wood-structure, naturally lead to the todays often as "more attractive" documented perception compared to unsual grown trunks cross-section-patterns, or if by theire financial need supported marketing strategies with perceptions far theire own, or if the perception simply arose during documentions of the other human-partys involved at the beginning of the abnormal-wood industry. But an intelligent scientific-writer of the 21 century, who hates to speculate because of braindamage-endangerment of innocent readers, speculates, that it must be all mentioned possibilites almost-combined. Paradoxly, the tree-killing/cutting industries- and fanatism-growth eversince showing the same spreating-pattern as the bacterial infected wood-structure: out of controle, wild proliferating and intensly growing. But human wouldnt consider cutting humanity into "attractive" pieces, because it would be killing, which was finally gotten under controle by growing strenght of the sense of legeslative-human-instances around the end of the 20th century - after thausands of years of slauthering billions of themselfes. But since trees never seem to be entiteled to have rights like human-beings, even though they are keeping humans alive by cleaning the atmospheric-air and constantly creating fresh oxigen to breath, they remained in the "getting-killed-phase".

However, whereever the "attraciveness" of the proliferated-wood-structure arose, it helped the marketing-industrie, which supportivly additioanlly titeled the wood as "nobel", followed by immediate acception of the fanatics due to conscious-/or subconcious effects to impress third partys with the bought material. The titel "nobel" supported social elevating, and social elevating supported the titel, while both resulted in status, that made the industries growing possible up to create everything from pricey: furniture, vehicle-interiors, jewellery-, accesoire- and many more material-additions and covers, mostly polished and glazed. The infection-changed and processed wood made it into the materialistic-upper-society-class category "luxury", where only a limited amount of privileged finacially-strong members have absolute acces to the most expensive industrial-products. Surly nothing for socialy-degreated and by poverty and outcasting of society to internet-observation-of-life forced


ViMoSA, Iso, 6.08.2019