Is Reality good for children?

Germany 1994/1995 First Grades Certificate:

"Ingo is doing his tasks only if he can see the sense in it. If not, he is refusing to work and discusses intensly about the task sense and goal"

I translate what my violent child abusing teacher from the nazi times meant: "Ingo is discussing intensly about the fact that 1+1 equals 3"

I WAS SIX, convinced of reality, nothing, absolutely nothing could ever change this ever. I was born with a functioning brain, simple math 1+1 equals 2, that's it. No grown up could ever tell me something that was false, i did not accept this, this, whatever they did there, so many things they said and did didnt make sense - its been the gahdamn stone-age and i had the mind i have today... i didnt really evolve, logic never changes, it has stages where no stage is logic but the highest stage (read first point "How is logic defined?" in my Paper Fundamental Reality, Ingopedia room "NobelNobel"). When something makes sense then it FEELS save. it doesnt have to be a perfectly save feeling like a child cant know right now, new to VIMOSA, if its save with my saveroom content, but after a while it will find out... 

So i said my opinion and got punished by teachers every single time, every time... that's when you know something is wrong - you, your children wont ever get punished by me, but the opposite, i try harder, try to improve, but i cant cut reality out, this would not be improving, this would be just the past, it would be manipulation: I chose the risk, the harder way to win your trust, i chose the blaim, the lost first impression, i chose the beating. And then, when you are done beating me, causing me more pain - all i know - then all i do will help you, humanity. Ingopedia is the absolute future, if you ever see this in your lifetime or not, i guarantee you, this, my lifeswork, will be studied and taught in the future, maybe in 50 or 100 years, but it will. 

Back to lil-Ingo: I suffered intensly in the first school years, thought every day "I cant go there, i cant take this another day!".

But - and this is how i survived school - there was sports and arts, in which i ruled! 

From then on those telling me 1+1=3 i hated - and they hated me - and other teachers telling me 1+1 = Sport, or 1+1 = Art, or 1+1 = freetime :D of course i loved that as any child, but actually i mean 1+1= anything where all children would be treaded fair and or good, which was the case in sports and art. Oh and i remember something strong: the day we sang all together in music-class, in a big "Aula"room, big enough for a stage, where we were all standing:"I will follow him". I was suddenly hit, like a stroke and i never wanted to leave that moment, and by that school, which then was the best place i ever experienced.

I was brought to earth by nature, as we all. We all start at zero, and our brains all follow the same goal: Learn to coordinate is the first while already something else happens, we explore. Nobody has to tell a child "explore", this is what we are here for, learn and explore. Nobody ever told me when someone hurt me "now cry", or when someone was good to me "now laugh", i just did it, as you all, all of you, who ever is ever going to read this.... we started entirely the same. I still cry when people hurt me. I still laugh when someone is good to me - which i dont know much of these days.

Bottom line: In VIMOSA, there will always be "brutal" reality of the most peaceful child of all times. And the other brutal reality is brutal reality of evil beings bringing so much pain into our species, that i cannot accept and i am the only one who will ever have the intelligence to create an actual base of information based on reality, that, when taught will naturally evolve our species back to where we come from, the highest state of evolution. And i dont create humanity, i just encoded reality, now finally available - for free of course, nature cant cost money.


Any child reading my words doesnt have to fight a lifetime for truth, for acceptance, you will be accepted because of individual integration system we will be building. You dont have to go through hell with discrimination and pathologisation as all the valuable good beings in our horrible history had to. Its still all there, this is what a child has to know, the fundament of our suffering, the system that tortured and enslaved so many human beings in the past, its still unchanged, it just does it covered in our own creativity, in a lot of consume, colours, distraction... but underneath, they systematically destroy worse then ever before. Look at what happened since corona pandemy 2020: anyone got isolated, human rights gone, and those trying to demonstrate would in isolation be revoked of theire last piece of life, theire opinion, all content blocked, deleted, mass controle for a virus that is not a big threat. How to deal with that, you can read in my humanity-saving- concepts-paper #LetsBeSully.

Two things left: Teachers are part of system when theire minds are not running on reality, then they are dellusional and train/raise the next robot generation, who will continue this horror of mass controle and isolation.

Final words:

I know reality is not fun but ever heard that old wise saying "First comes the work, then comes the fun" -We never did the work! 

But i can do it both at the same time, because i am a child and i have Worldy.